The Student Representative Council for Economics is the official student representative body at the faculty. Our job is to represent the interests of the student body to professors, staff and other members of the faculty. In student self-administration, we are also able to create various services for you and organize events thanks to our own budget. During the semester, we inform you in the FSR-Info about important changes that affect your studies and about current topics from everyday university and faculty life. We are also very committed in supporting first semester students, where we try to make it easier for you to start your studies.



But we are also happy to be a point of contact for higher semesters. Among other things, we offer consultation hours and are available to answer questions about your field of studies. You should  contact us if you have any problems with courses so that we can take action. You can find us in our office on the first floor of the Oeconomicum (immediately after the entrance on the right, behind the glass door; OEC 0.142, the yellow door). Our office hours are published at the beginning of the semester (online and on the notice board in front of our office), but you can often meet someone there outside of these hours as well. 



All in all, we are here for all those who have questions, remarks, doubts, comments, suggestions or criticism about studying... and for everyone else too, of course!



Write to us or just drop by.

We look forward to seeing you!