The nomination is still possible until 24.07.2022!

What is the teaching award of the faculty of Business and Economics?

In the winter semester 19/20, we awarded the teaching prize for the first time at the Faculty of Business and Economics to recognise and reward outstanding teaching. 


In order to set different focal points, the topic changes every semester. In the summer semester 2022, the theme is: 


Best Interactive Teaching

Teachers often complain about deep-seated difficulties in understanding among students or deficits in basic knowledge. The use of activating teaching/learning methods and materials can help students to overcome such difficulties. This is especially true if the teaching method and the materials used take into account typical thinking patterns and ideas of students. 

- Freie Universität Berlin


 The nomination process will be twofold:


Nomination tool

You will be able to nominate courses via an online form. The nominating process will start in July. Two main criteria will be evaluated: first, general aspects of good teaching, like the lecturer’s punctuality and their accessibility to students. These are not unique to this semester and will play a role in future semesters as well.

The second criterion of this semester is interactive teaching, for example innovative and interactive methods of teaching used in lectures.


Evaluation sheet

At the end of the semester you already have the opportunity to assess courses. From this semester on, there will be an additional question concerning the teaching award.

This option will only be included if the course is applicable for the teaching award. 




The final winner will be elected by a jury of five students that will read and evaluate your answers and suggestions. The jury will be formed by students from different semesters and majors to ensure diversity and objectiveness. 


Questions for an interactive-oriented course

  • Does the teacher use various e-learning offers and do they help with exam preparation?
  • How well do you feel digitally supported (possibility of consultation hours, forum, e-mails, etc.)?
  • Does the lecturer motivate you to exchange ideas and create opportunities for virtual interaction/discussion? 
  • Does the lecturer regularly summarise the teaching content and emphasise the importance of what has been learned?


Announcement slide for lectures
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Past winners of the teaching award

Winter Semester 2020/2021


Thema: research-oriented teaching

The early granting of insights into the current state of research and/or professional practice of the respective subject promotes good teaching at a high level.

- Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel


Prof. Dr. Indre Maurer & Niklas Dreymann

(Seminar Empirische Netzwerkanalyse)




Winter Semester 2019/2020


Topic: most innovative major course


Prof. Michael Wolff

(Unternehmensführung & Corporate Governance)